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Insole board-xinhuaye517 0.9mm-2.0mm

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Product description:

xinhuaye517 is a insole material designed for use in cement lasted footwear. It can be used with or without a sock lining. It has been created specifically for use in demanding constructions, footwear with deep cavity sole units and other types of footwear requiring high standards of wear performance.

Main physical index:
Size: 36"*60" Thickness: 0.9mm-2.0mm
Density: 0.6±0.1g/cm³ Peel strength: ≥3.2kg/cm²
Flexural index: 2.2 Moisture: ≤10%


Sole forming for various shoes such as leather shoes sport footwear, leisure shoes and sandals. especially suitable for high-heeled shoes.


The product, with excellent inflection resistant performance, will not be cracked or broken due to inflection ,ensuring longer service life. No leafing will happen with water, suitable for weathering shoes.

Shank board –Five star natural board 1.0mm-3.0mmBest sell

Product description:

Five star natural board is the new kind of R&D product environmental, economic with good quality, no dyes have been added, made from pure natural raw material, suitable for making high-heeled shoes and kinds of abrasion-resistant footwear.

Main physical index:
size: 36"*60" Peel strength: ≥3.50kg/cm²
Density: 1.35g/cm³ Peel strength: ≤15%


Plug-in and semi-supporting base of insoles for top grade lady’s fashion shoes


Extremely high hardness and strength, meeting special requirement of application: good flexibility.
No break will happen due to bending.
High bonding strength between layers, no leafing will happen due to punching and cutting process.
The product has excellent waterproof performance after special treatment.


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